AnglomOil Almost Record-Breaker

It doesn’t seem possible…that a 4.3-litre six cylinder powered four door sedan could almost equal the lap record set by former V8Supercars driver Steven Johnson in a Mustang Trans Am.

However, today, Cameron Tilley flew his AnglomOil Pacer around the Symmons Plains race circuit in a sizzling 57.5 seconds. Just 1 second outside that record set back in 2015!

The “Valiant Taxi” shaved a tenth of a second off the time it recorded in the first practice session.

Cameron is renowned for his bravery behind the wheel of the most under powered car in the field…the Pacer gives up about 100 horsepower to the Mustangs, Camaros, Torana SL/R’s and Falcons. He has also weaved magic by pushing the hemi’ inline six to it’s absolutely limits without letting go.

And we know part of that secret. It is the AnglomOil RASYN GT engine oil that he uses. We developed it not only for two-wheeling Pacers, Mustangs and GTHO’s (his brother Brad also uses AnglomOil RASYN GT in his championship winning HO’ey and his Mustang customer cars), but also for performance road cars. If you drive a V8, V6, turbo or supercharged car you can enjoy the same benefits that Cameron does.

Cameron and the AnglomOil Pacer will be in action in four races at the Tasmanian track this weekend.


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