AnglomOil Pacer Is ON THE PACE!

Cameron Tilley has answered the question we have all been asking ourselves since he announced he was going to drop a vee-eight into the six-pack AnglomOil Valiant Pacer for Sandown.

In the first practice session, Cameron’s first opportunity to get a feel for the car in the company of his TCM peers, he scorched around the Melbourne circuit with a 3rd best lap time!

The blue AnglomOil sedan clocked a 1 minute 17.04 second lap.

This was a fraction behind pace setter and reigning TCM champion John Bowe on 1:16:2 and John’s biggest threat Steven Johnson the ex-Supercars driver.

Cameron has usually sat between 5th and 12th over the seasons so this promotion to the front is a major shift for the Sydney driver and AnglomOil customer.

Qualifying is later today when we will see if he can hold on to that place on the second row of the grid for tomorrow’s first race.

AnglomOil is represented by three teams this weekend at Sandown.

Jamie Tilley recorded the 7th best time in his Ford Mustang and father Brad is 13th for now in his Falcon GTHO.



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