Steve Gemin's Harley Davidson is running smoother on Anglomoil

Steve Gemin’s Harley Davidson is running smoother on Anglomoil

Melbourne plumber Steve Gemin lives two lives. When he is not scaling rocky fire trails in his Toyota Landcruiser 4WD he is cruising along the highways on his Harley Davidson V-Rod.

Steve recently changed oil brands after advice from his mechanic, Karl Koglar, and has experienced an immediate difference in how both vehicles operate.

Karl is a stalwart of Anglomoil Superior Lubricants having seen remarkable improvements in all of his customers’ vehicles.

“Karl told me he wanted to use Anglomoil engine oil and gear oil in my 4WD and bike and I’m very impressed with how they have changed. The Landcruiser had a clunky and notchy automatic transmission when changing gears. I take it off road and use it to tow my camper trailer. No matter where I go or what loads it has it runs really smoothly now. You can feel and hear the difference”, said Steve.

“The same goes for the V-Rod. I was using the factory oil but I’ve never liked using lubricants when I don’t know where they come from or what’s in them. Now it runs very smoothly when changing gears. I can honestly say that the Anglomoil oil is working better than what I had before – in both vehicles.”

Steve said he hadn’t heard of Anglomoil before Karl mentioned it,

“Since learning about them being an Australian company and how they are committed to making premium grades, and seeing how well they perform, I have become a real fan of theirs. They do cost a little bit more than what I used before but they work so well so I’m stuck with Anglomoil for good.”

The last word goes to Karl Koglar…

“I’ve been relying on Anglomoil since the 1990’s and I’ve been using Anglomoil in everything from passenger cars and motorbikes to trucks to off road vehicles and earth movers and high performance race cars. I get the same response from all of my customers. They can tangibly experience the difference in how their vehicle behaves from before using Anglomoil to after.”


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