A year ago Matt Gates started his own mobile mechanic business, Matt Gates Automotive, and one of the best decisions he made was to specify Anglomoil products.

Matt was first introduced to Anglomoil when he worked in an Upper North Shore service centre in Sydney and he saw that they performed better than other products,

“Anglomoil are very good quality and they are very well supported. I order my products from their distributor AG Mercury and I know if I need something or maybe some advice I can easily talk to Roy. He is very accessible and very knowledgeable. He comes out and delivers products to me while I’m working on a customer’s car. You don’t get that level of support from the other companies. I know. When I worked in the service centre I saw how hard it was to get any help out of them.”

“There are so many different vehicles these days that you need to have someone who will back you. I work on new and older cars, vans, four wheel drives, trucks, rotaries and turbos”, added Matt.

Matt predominantly uses three Anglomoil oil products which he finds suit most petrol and diesel engine types that he services: Anglomoil Roadmaster® Gold 15W50 semi synthetic, Anglomoil Roadmaster® Gold 10W30 semi synthetic and Anglomoil Roadmaster® Titanium 5W30 synthetic – all part of the new range of 15 f’40th Anniversary’ formulations.

“It is so much better to have just a few oil drums in the van rather than a dozen or so which you never use up. It helps me to keep my costs down and I can pass on those savings to my customers.”

“My van is stocked with Anglomoil oils, spray grease which I use on things like squeaky clutch pedals and bonnet and door hinges, and their coolant. They are priced well. Some might be a bit more expensive but I’m happy to pay that because I can rely on them and I know my customers are getting the very best. It is very important for me to start my customers off right so that I can grow my business.”

Matt’s desire to provide outstanding customers service has led him to offering unexpected bonuses to his customers including washing and vacuuming their vehicle at no extra charge.

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