“We have a customer who has put more than one million kilometres on his Toyota. We’ve been servicing it for the past 15 years with Anglomoil products and the inside of the engine looks brand new”.

Troy Welsh is part of a second-generation family owned automotive mechanical business – Chubby Welsh Automotive & Marine Centre – on Sydney’s Northern Beaches which has been a loyal user of Anglomoil products for two decades.

The workshop was started by father “Chubby” 35 years ago and Troy and his brother work with a team of mechanics on a wide range of passenger vehicles and light commercials.

“I started here when I was 18 and we’ve seen a big change in the car market since then. Back then it was mainly Holdens, Ford and Toyota but nowadays you’re more likely to see a Mercedes next to an Audi or VW and Japanese and Korean makes and models.”

“Dad started with a major oil brand but he wanted to have a premium product and he liked that Anglomoil was only available to the trade so he switched over and hasn’t looked back. In our workshop we have every Anglomoil product – engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, degreaser, you name it. We carry them in bulk tanks and 20 litre drums”, added Troy.

“That Toyota story is typical of our customers. Their cars run reliably, we don’t have any problems, our customers are happy with our service and it all contributes to having a great business. We have no doubt that using Anglomoil plays a big part in that.”

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