High performance lubricants combined with stellar customer service is why the 27-year old Sydney company, Fullers Mobile Cranes, is using Anglomoil products.

Their fleet consists of a variety of cranes from 3 and 4 tonne mini crawlers to 8/20/55 tonne city cranes to 12/20/40/55/80/110/130 tonne all terrain versions. A 400 tonne crane is on order to add to the fleet.

Being such a long established company they have worked on iconic projects in Sydney such as the M7 motorway, M5, M4 and Westconnex, along with major inner city projects.

Kane Fuller said the cranes are serviced regularly, after 250 hours of operation or 500 kilometres of travelling. The engines are checked and have their oil replaced most often. Differentials, transmission and other fluids are changed every six months with winch and hub lubricants on an annual basis. The company made the change to Anglomoil following rigorous testing of their former brand of lubricants.

“The oils weren’t lasting and were clogging up. Westrac is next door to our site and with them we ran comparisons between old and new oils to try to find one that would do the job properly and last the distance. One of the most defining tests was when we compared used Anglomoil lubricant after it had completed a full service cycle with brand new oil from our previous supplier and they were both the same. We hadn’t seen that before, used oil the same as unused.”

“Our cranes have oil viscosity sensors and the previous oils were dropping to 70 per cent viscosity. We replaced them with Anglomoil and after all that hard work they are still running at 98 and 99 per cent. When they are flushed out they still look good, they haven’t thickened up. It is this ability for the Anglomoil oils to stay in-grade until they are replaced that led us to making the change.”

“Our cranes have Mercedes Benz engines and Anglomoil has the perfect formulation to keep them running properly, plus we use their other products like the hydraulic fluids.”

Kane said the way his company is looked after is another reason why he likes using Anglomoil.

“We get very friendly service and advice. They regularly contact us, they always deliver on time, and I know that if I suddenly needed a product they would go out of their way to make sure I get it quickly. Both their oil and their service are good.”

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