David Beats Goliath

The Anglomoil Pacer has won a lot of new fans after its giant killing performance in race two at Bathurst.

Cameron Tilley spent the whole race just inches from the rear bumper bar of the Rusty French Mustang…he was able to overtake it twice despite having more than 100 horsepower less…and by the end of the race the attractive blue Valiant snuck past the jet black Ford to take 14th place.

Meanwhile, brother Brad Tilley Harold a pitched battle with a group of Mustangs and  Falcons and crossed the line 2 spots in front of Cameron in his V8 GTHO.

Cameron’s ability to stick like glue to the back of the much faster Mustang captured a lot of television coverage…so keep an eye out on FoxSport and You Tube for replays of TCM race 2 at Bathurst. Well done Cameron!

PS The commentary team let out a bit of a secret…the Anglomoil Pacer might be featuring a 340 cubic inch V8 in 2018!!!!!

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