PF Formation Sand & Cement is a 30 year old family owned business located in Sydney’s north and for 20 of those years they relied on a well known oil company to provide products for their fleet of 36 bulldozers, front end loaders, excavators and trucks. Then they changed to Anglomoil.
“We have a lot of vehicles and we regularly turn them over in order to keep a modern fleet. They are specialised pieces of machinery which operate in a harsh environment. We supply very high grade Maroota sand for making masonry, bricks, pipes, pre-stressed concrete, roof tiles and the like. It has been used at the new Port Botany terminal and is in the Northwest Rail Link project”, says owner John Graham, “On our 1,000 acre site the wind blows the sand around, during summer the days up to 48 degrees and in winter it’s almost freezing. Over time we felt the oil company wasn’t taking proper care of us. We had specialty needs but they weren’t providing them.”
It was at this time that Workshop Manager Peter Watts suggested that they consider Anglomoil.
“I was aware that other excavation companies had been relying on Anglomoil products for a long time. We also thought the pricing of the oil company had got out of control so we invited Anglomoil to offer a better solution. For a start their pricing was favourable and we could see a reasonable amount of saving. On top of that they had a complete range of lubricants for engines, gearboxes, transmission, hydraulics and grease to suit our equipment.”
Peter says he has opened up some of the engines and drivetrain components and everything looks good inside.
“As technology keeps changing vehicle manufacturers are bringing out new oil specifications and longer oil drain intervals. The Anglomoil lubricants meet all international spec’s and are blended purposefully for extreme performance environments. As part of our relationship with Caterpillar we regularly send away oil samples and they always come back with good sulphur readings and low ash levels. We know they are taking care of our equipment.”
John also uses the Anglomoil products in a completely different type of vehicle: his 1966 Ford hearse which he drives in the annual Royal Flying Doctor Service Treks. The hearse has been converted to look like a Mack truck with dual weeks and big exhaust stacks. John has taken it into the desert 20 times and covered tens of thousands of kilometres across tough outback terrain and the faithful Ford hasn’t missed a beat. He is preparing for trek number 21.
Apart from being very satisfied with the Anglomoil range of lubricants John has a lot of time for the team at Anglomoil.
“I’ve always been very big on supporting community charities which is why I run in the Trek. This is something dear to my heart and I soon discovered after changing over to Anglomoil that they share the same passion. I keep seeing them at the same fund raisers and events. They have a very strong presence in helping the community. At the same time, they can’t help you enough. Everything is done with a minimum of fuss. If you want something they’ll get it, products or advice. Just recently I needed AdBlue for one of the concrete trucks and the owner of Anglomoil came out to deliver it in person. It’s a level of customer service you son’t see much of these days.”
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