Food Machinery Grease


Anglomoil Food Machinery grease is a high performance grease utilising a pharmaceutical base oil and a complex calcium sulphonate thickener. Calcium sulphonate has been long used as a detergent/rust protective/anti-wear additive in general lubricants but its use in greases is a comparatively recent and rapidly expanding development. In a standard grease, the thickener or soap holds the oil like a sponge whilst the oil performs the lubrication. The Calcium Sulphonate used in Anglomoil’s Food Machinery Grease is a part of the grease, and plays an important role in the lubrication process, enhancing the load carrying, water resistance and anti-corrosion properties. Anglomoil’s Food Machinery Grease is technically superior. Water Washout. Anglomoil FMG offers very high resistance to removal by water spray in Food Manufacturing’s aggressive environment. High Dropping Point. Anglomoil FMG retains its integrity at higher operating temperatures. High Load Resistance. Anglomoil FMG protects equipment under high applied loads by reducing scuffing, scoring and seizure of contacting surfaces.


NSF H1, AQIS Lubricant Type A, Halal Approved.






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