Gear 50-S: RoadRanger Approved


A specially formulated synthetic lubricant designed for extended drain and severe service in heavy duty manual transmissions which require a GL-4 gear or transmission lubricant. RoadMaster Gear50-S provides superior all-climate, year-round performance. It also contains an anti-wear additive as well as rust, oxidation and corrosion inhibitors that protect bearings and synchronizers, reduce component wear and promote longer transmission &lubricant life. High viscosity index, low pour point and sub-zero fluid flow provide for easier cold weather shifting, less drag and less gear wear because vital transmission parts are lubricated quickly.


Eaton Transmission Div.PS-164 rev 7; API MT-1;ZF Freedomline/Eurotronic 2; ArvinMeritor O-81 (pending); International TMS 6816; Mack Truck TO-A PLUS


Use in Eaton transmissions for extended warranty life. See attached technical data sheet.


20 litre and 200 litre


SAE 75W90



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