Good With The Bad…

Anglomoil Racing customer Lachie Deagle won’t have fond memories of Bathurst 2017 but he did collect more points for the Toyota 86 Racing Series and clocked up more kilometres on Australia’s hardest circuit.

The Toyota coupe prepared for Lachie was a road car a month ago. Given the rushed build job there was a problem with the electronics which affected the braking. Lachie had to be extra-careful with pressure applied to the pedal to avoid lock-up. This had an effect on his ability to go flat out and whereas we are used to seeing him overtake numerous other drivers (up to a third of the field!) in a competition where the cars are so evenly matched, he had to be more conservative this weekend.

Even so, he was able to work his way past a few cars and on Sunday’s race 3 he overtook two drivers.

Lachie is already thinking about the next races he is entered in…at the Gold Coast and Newcastle.

Driver Lachlan Deagle

Driver Lachlan Deagle

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