If I Could Cook Chips In Anglomoil I Would!

Karl Koglar, the proprietor of Karl Koglar Mechanical Repairs in Melbourne, has been using Anglomoil products since the mid-Nineties and he says his customers can tell the difference after just one day.

“I first discovered Anglomoil when I rebuilt the gearbox for a mate’s Toyota Landcruiser and we put their transmission oil in it. The difference was amazing and from then on I began introducing more and more of their products into my business – engine oils, transmission oils, gear oils, coolant.”

“I work on all kinds of vehicles from trucks, earth movers, vans and cranes to four wheel drives, passenger cars, and high performance racing cars and I also had a customer who owns a Harley Davidson and I said if he couldn’t tell the difference in Anglomoil from his previous brand then he could have it for free. The next day he called me and asked what else I had done to his bike.”

Karl says he gets the same response from all of his customers. It is quite common for them to call up the next day and ask what else he did to their vehicle apart from changing the oil. An excavator operator once asked if Karl had altered the hydraulic settings because it was working so much better. A crane driver also rang the next day asking how his rig had improved so much.

“They can sense a difference in the crispness of the transmission, the way it changes gear and the drivability of the vehicle.

“You cannot beat Anglomoil engine oils. In diesel engines there are no deposits, there is no sloughing at the top end of the motor. The oil maintains its viscosity right up to the drain interval, in fact, it could keep going longer. When you look at the clarity of Anglomoil oils in a clear jug it remains clear but with other brands I have seen they are dark and carrying contaminants. I did use other brands before and I see other brands of oil when new customers come to me so I know what is happening inside engines and gearboxes with other products and I am totally convinced that Anglomoil is a far superior lubricant.”

Karl has customers who drive straight to his workshop when they have purchased a new vehicle so that he can drain out all of the original fluids and replace them with Anglomoil,

“They notice the change straight away between the trip to my workshop and after they have left. The difference really is that obvious. For example, with Anglomoil the converter lock up in a Landcruiser gearbox is instant. I have worked on a lot of four wheel drive gearboxes and this is where Anglomoil excels. I have mentioned this to a four wheel drive dealership about making Anglomoil the standard gearbox oil for their vehicles because it is so good.”

“Anglomoil products far outweigh everything else out there.”




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