Like A Javelin

The change over from the hemi’ six cylinder to the big block Mopar V8 is causing Cameron Tilley a few headaches, including a DNF in today’s Touring Car Masters at Mt. Panorama.

The bright blue AnglomOil Valiant Pacer started P6 on the grid and was staying up with the leaders lap after lap when, suddenly, as it raced down Conrod Straight at about 280 km/h before entering Castrol Curve, the whole tail shaft flew out from the bottom of the car.

The two tubes looked like javelins as they speared skyward – one of them hitting the overhead bridge – then fell to earth alongside the track.

Fortunately, they didn’t go near the following cars or any spectators.

Without any power to the rear wheels, Cameron was forced to coast along the grass into Castrol Curve and park the car.

He had borrowed the tail shaft from his nephew’s Ford Mustang. Because they fitted into both cars. That was after he had a ‘shaft fail on him yesterday in race 1.

The challenge for Cameron now is how to get the Pacer ready for tomorrow’s race 4.

Looking at the positives….our AnglomOil brand was on TV for a long time (!).

Cameron, we wish your car a speedy recovery.


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