Roadmaster Gold – 10W/30, 10W/40, 15W/50


Roadmaster Gold is a range of superior semi-synthetic engine lubricants with the latest additive technology. Roadmaster Gold Petrol Engine Lubricants provide excellent engine protection for modern vehicles specifying the below specifications. It also provides improved turbocharger protection, sludge control and compatibility with E-85 Fuels. The Gold range is the perfect engine oil for workshops or company’s servicing mixed fleets.
The formulation was developed over million’s of kilometres of road testing around the world in vehicles of American, European and Japanese origin and provides:

  • Formulated to provide reduced friction and superior wear protection for the engine during start-up and all driving conditions.
  • Maintains engine cleanliness which assists the engine to have long life and lower maintenance costs.
  • Superior control of ring belt and piston deposits to provide maximum power under all driving conditions.
  • Low oil consumption and excellent oxidative performance due to the synthetic base stock, shear stable formulation and specially selected metallic detergents.

The qualities of Roadmaster Gold make it ideal for use in turbocharged or supercharged engines – petrol and diesel.


API SN, CF diesel, ACEA A3/B3/B4, ILSAC GF-3


High Performance Petrol, Multi-valve, Turbo & Supercharged, Passenger Car Diesel & LPG. Light Commercial, Wet clutch 4-stroke Motor Cycle


20 litre, 200 litre


SAE 10W/30, SAE 10/40 & SAE 15W/50


RoadMaster Gold 2016 Range

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