Roadmaster Platinum FEO – 5W/30


Roadmaster Platinum FEO 5W/30 is an API SN, ILSAC GF-5, Dexos 1 performance, full synthetic engine oil. It is recommended for vehicles requiring that performance level in order to maximise performance and engine life.

This specific formulation provides:

  • Superb oil performance and protection to help improve engine durability
  • Improved oxidation and wear performance over conventional motor oils, which provides improved fuel economy
  • Piston cleanliness delivers maximum engine performance
  • Low volatility delivers reduced oil consumption
  • Great viscosity control helps to deliver improved fuel efficiency
  • GM-specified oil for 2011 vehicles with gasoline engines


API SN, CF Diesel, ILSAC GF-5, GM Dexos 1


High Performance Petrol, Multi-valve, Turbo & Supercharged, Passenger Car Diesel & LPG. Light Commercial


20 Litre & 200 litre


SAE 5W/30


RoadMaster Platinum FEO 5W/30

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