S500 Lithium Grease


Series 500 Lithium Grease is an all purpose lubricant designed to lubricate and protect surfaces from abrading or scratching one another and helps prevent squeaking. It is an ideal lubricant for wheel bearings oper-ating under all service conditions, CV joints, chassis lubrication, metal hinges, door catches, striker plates, cables and springs, outboard motors, chains, winches, jacks, garden tools etc. It is suitable for automotive (cars, trucks, tractors and trailers), marine, agriculture, general industrial and household use.

Directions For Use

The surface must be free of dirt and dust. Degrease the surface to remove any traces of oil, wax and old grease residues until a clean metal surface is achieved. Allow the surface to dry thoroughly. Shake the can for about 1 minute to ensure uniformity of contents. Spray onto the parts to be lubricated. Apply with short even strokes at 25-30cm from surface. For lubrication apply liberally onto the affected parts. To effect maximum penetration and corrosion protection, apply additional coats. Spray periodically as required.


Do not spray onto hard surface floors or where there is foot traffic as it may lubricate the floor leading to slippage causing personal injury. Do not mix Lithium Grease with any other type of grease due to incompatibility.


Under normal usage the Series 500 Lithium Grease will provide up to 400 spray applications per 400 gram can. Usage will also be dependent on the duration of the spray.


Series 500 Lithium Grease is unique in that it contains several additives that enable the grease to take heavier loads on bearings without losing efficiency and prevent the grease from drying due to moisture attack resulting from moisture laden atmospheres as that experienced on rainy days. Series 500 Lithium Grease on bearings can withstand 23 Kg loads and 140ºC temperatures without losing efficiency. Higher temperatures will lead to progressive loss in efficiency until 192ºC where the grease components will separate out rendering the grease complete inactivity. Bearings need to be re-greased periodically depending on the type of machine and usage conditions, standard industrial machines between 3-6 months, mobile machinery 1-2 years.


S500 Lithium Grease TDS


S500 Lithium Grease Safety Data Sheet

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