“With other oils we were getting water build-up in the engine and sludge in the sump, but the Anglomoil product is far superior and our customers won’t use any other kind”, says Evan Daws from the South Australian based automotive workshop and race car preparer, Garage 7.

The relationship between Garage 7 and Anglomoil began when multiple drift champion Simon Michelmore approached them to look after his Nissan Silvia.

“I was looking for a new oil to sell and to use in customers’ cars and Simon told us Anglomoil is high quality and Australian made. So I contacted Anglomoil and ordered the Roadmaster 500 API SN 10W/40 fully synthetic oil for our cars. I hadn’t heard of Anglomoil before then but what I discovered was that here is a local company making a better product than the big multinational oil companies.”

Evan says an advantage of Anglomoil Roadmaster 500 API SN is that it is “85 compatible” whereas other oils aren’t. When you put other products in that aren’t compatible you end up with water build-up and sludging in the engine.

“Simon’s turbo charged motor produces 400 kilowatts at the rear wheels. It has a completely standard RB30 bottom end from a Nissan Skyline, which was never designed to be used in a turbo charged engine, and an RB26 Nissan GTR head. We build the engine and look after the engine management and we dyno tune it as well. It runs faultlessly and there is no scoring in it. You can tell the difference in the Anglomoil product from others because when we drain it from the engine it comes out cleaner than any other performance oil we have used.”

Evan says other oils are often prone to burning over time or wear and tear.

We build cars for all kinds of motor sport from drifting to time attack. Nissans and Toyotas, they are all highly specialised one-off cars. We also have people come in off the street looking for products for non-motor sport cars. We have introduced our customers to Anglomoil Roadmaster 500 API SN and they’ve come back and told us they are very happy with it and will keep using it. They feel the car runs better, is smoother and there’s less noise in the engine. I intend to expand our Anglomoil product range in the future.”

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