Robert McShane is the owner of Robert McShane Mechanical Repairs at Telarah in Maitland and he uses a range of Anglomoil lubricants in his customers’ vehicles. These include petrol and diesel engine oils, transmission oils, brakes fluid, grease, degreaser and more. When he’s not in the workshop you will find him in an immaculately prepared 1973 Mitsubishi LA Lancer rally car which also relies on Anglomoil products. The car is owned by experienced driver Shannon Jeffries,

“I co-drive in rally sprint events with Shannon which is part of our development towards competing in the New South Wales Rally Championship next year. Rally sprints are like a mini rally, you run flat out with the engine at full revs and the car taking a bit of punishment from the rough forest roads at high speed”, says Robert.

“This car has a 2.6 litre grunter motor which is balanced and blueprinted with two 48mm Weber carburettors. It puts out about 120 kilowatts at the rear wheels which is enough to push us through the gravel tracks at around 150 kilometres per hour – sideways. It has big brakes, Bilstein suspension and a Scorpion differential and it handles really well. I’ve been relying on Anglomoil for years in my workshop. Not only are the products reliable – I don’t get any of my customers coming back with any problems – they are locally produced which I really like and the people at Anglomoil are such a big help. I know I can ask them for advice at any time and they’ll jump straight on it”, he adds, “It is a total package…high performance products at the right price and back up support that you can trust.”

Robert, who is also a four wheel drive and motorbike enthusiast, is preparing for his next project which will also include Anglomoil lubricants. He is going to build a Nissan 300ZX coupe hill climb racer with a Chevrolet 350 vee-eight engine taken from a drag car which ran a 12 second quarter mile. He says it will produce more than 400 kilowatts,

“Anglomoil lubricants are uniquely blended high performance formulas and when you are pumping out that kind of power the last thing you want is for the engine to detonate. I know, because I use Anglomoil every day of my life, that their products will protect my cars – both the ones on the track and in the forest and the normal passenger cars I service for on the road.”

1973 Mitsubishi Lancer

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