Good old fashioned customer service is alive and well and it is greatly appreciated according to Advanced Air Compressors Service Manager, James Mason.

Advanced Air Compressors sells and services electric and diesel air compressors to a wide range of industries across New South Wales from plastics manufacturers, steel, printing and packaging to vehicle service centres, correctional centres, medical centres and hospitals.

“Before we changed over to the Anglomoil range of compressor oils we were using a competent product from someone else but the huge negative was the way we were treated. Delivery times were unreliable and unpredictable which created unnecessary tension when we urgently required product for our workshop. On top of that, the levels of service were unacceptable. It was almost as if it was too hard for them to take care of us.”

James says the culture at Anglomoil is totally different,

“Anglomoil is a great company to deal with. Their customer service is exceptional. They are very personable, easy to talk to, you know that they are interested in helping you. It is never too difficult for them to come out and see you. I can’t fault them.”

He is just as complimentary about the Anglomoil range of synthetic and mineral grade compressor oils,

“Anglomoil make great products. In the time we’ve used them we have not had one problem with any of our compressors. The formulations are well suited to the different types of compressors which all run properly and are serviced at the right intervals. Again, I can’t fault them.”

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