MP Schulz Excavations has been relying on Anglomoil products for more than two decades.

The company owns millions of dollars worth of machinery which not only operates in the extreme environment of civil and industrial excavating, they also receive harsh treatment when hired out to operators.

The fleet at MP Schulz Excavations includes 14 7-20 tonne excavators, tippers and a Caterpillar loader. You’ll often see them at work on a road or railway construction site or preparing an industrial or residential development before the concrete’s and builders arrive.

“When we hire our equipment out we know that more than likely it will be treated harshly by the operators. They tend to push it past its limits. It’s very tough out there on machinery with the heat, the dust, all kinds of weather and the heavy loads the equipment has to remove or carry. Plus our customers are on fixed deadlines which adds some pressure to getting the job done”, says Mark Schulz.

“As part of the OEM warranty requirements we send oil samples from our Caterpillar equipment back to them for analysis and in all these years we haven’t had a single issue with the oil breaking down or not performing.”

“Anglomoil products have proven themselves over the years. Other than routine maintenance we don’t have to touch our equipment and we haven’t experienced any breakdowns or unnecessary time in the workshop.”

Mark notes that it was his company which excavated the site for Anglomoil’s manufacturing plant at Mt Kuringai all those years ago.

MP Schulz Excavations

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