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Anglomoil might not be a name on everyone’s lips but for nearly 40 years these Australian made high performance lubricants and oils have been protecting diesel powered vehicles and equipment in the harshest working environments. We decided to find out what the customers think…

“When we changed over to Anglomoil we ran many, many tests on our fleet. We conducted extensive oil sampling to confirm the benefits we were getting. We noticed the engines ran a lot cleaner, there was less sludging and we were able to extend our drain intervals. The best way to make money in this industry is to keep your trucks on the road”, says Palmtrans Workshop Manager, Chris Mifsud, who looks after 40 prime movers and a fleet of rigid Tautliners.

“I’ll give you an example, I’ve got an engine in the workshop right now which has done nearly one million kilometres and the bearings are still in great condition. I’ve noticed across our whole fleet that the valve train and overhead gears are living a lot longer than before. We use Anglomoil RM300 Roadmaster 15W40 for our Cummins engines, Anglomoil SAE 80W90 gear oil, Anglomoil Transmission EP 80W140 in our diff’s and Anglomoil ATF for the power steering.”

“We began using Anglomoil diesel engine oils and hydraulic oils almost 25 years ago for our Volvo and Komatsu excavators, Caterpillar bulldozers, loaders, roller and grader-scraper. We change the oil every 250 hours which is OEM standard practice and with the Anglomoil products there’s no problem in achieving a lifespan up to 30,000 hours with our machinery. Anglomoil hasn’t let us down once”, adds Barry Hughes of ABA Fone Excavating and Earthmoving.

Here’s another earthmoving company: MP Schulz Excavations.

“We have been relying on Anglomoil products for more than two decades. When we hire our equipment out we know that more than likely it will be treated roughly by the operators. They tend to push it past its limits. It’s very tough out there on machinery with the heat, the dust, all kinds of weather. As part of the OEM warranty requirements we send oil samples from our Caterpillar equipment to them for analysis and in all these years we haven’t had a single issue with the oil breaking down or not performing. Anglomoil products have proven themselves over the years. Other than routine maintenance we don’t have to touch our equipment and we haven’t experienced any breakdowns or unnecessary time in the workshop”, says owner Mark Schulz.

Transport & Earthmoving

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