The Highs & Lows

AnglomOil Super Truck driver Frank Amoroso experienced the good with the bad when he raced in round two of the National Super Truck Racing Championship at Winton.

The circuit in rural Victoria was wet and miserable all weekend.

Frank, a former national champion who began truck racing almost 30 years ago, drove his turbocharged Kenworth to 3rd place in the opening race and bettered that with a win in race 2. He took out 1st place overall for the Saturday.

Sunday, however, was a different picture. In races 3 and 4 other trucks decided to “take him out”. He was hit hard in the third race and it snapped a linkage. Then the next time out the crash was so brutal it broke his power steering and bent the axle.

Frank’s pit crew worked feverishly to make repairs but missed race 5 and then when Frank took to the track for the final run of the weekend the steering was ‘out’ so he returned to the pits where he found a steering tyre 150mm out of alignment (!).

Publicitywise, Frank had a terrific weekend. The string of incidents meant the video company covering the series interviewed him 4 times (keep an eye on Speedweek).




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