“We started off using one of the major brands but we were having to pull the engine apart all the time. We were getting pressure problems, piston slap and the collets were wearing out. I met Bill Croasdale the founder of Anglomoil in 1988 and from that meeting decided to start using Anglomoil Roadmaster 400 20W40 diesel engine oil as well as gearbox oil and other products. The Roadmaster 400 viscosity solved the low oil pressure issues we used to have at idle.”

2014 Australian Super Truck Nationals champion Frank Amoroso is a long time believer in Anglomoil. 1988 was also the year he started using Anglomoil Diesel Fuel Performance Additive which he said kept the injectors and fuel pump clean and operating faultlessly. He said the diesel lubricates the fuel pump in the Cummins PT fuel injection system and in race conditions as the engine is made to work harder the diesel loses its viscosity. However, the Anglomoil additive counters this.

The reigning national champion entered truck racing in the first year of this competition 26 years ago and it wasn’t until 2014 that he tasted the champagne and top step of the winners’ podium. Frank drives a 1986 Kenworth W900 with a 14 litre twin turbo ”big cam” straight six Cummins. The engine can trace its heritage back to the 250 cast iron block design of the 1960’s. It produces 1500 brake horse power and 4000 lb/ft of torque and can hurl the 6.3 tonne monster down a quarter mile drag strip in a very respectable 13 seconds. In fact, Frank says the off-the-mark acceleration of his rig is quicker than a V8Supercar or Porsche!

“Truck racing puts a lot of pressure on the engine and running gear. The diesel pump runs so hot I could fry eggs on it, and yet, since using Anglomoil I have not had to worry about engine wear. For most of that time we just park the truck after the race then load it back on the transporter and off we go. At the start of last year’s season we decided to take the head off to check wear on the cam and bearings and so on just as a precaution because it had been a while. Everything looked fine. And remember this is the same engine I have been using all these years. I haven’t had to replace the cam or pistons or rings or anything.”

Frank’s faith in the Anglomoil lubricants led to him using them in his freight company – he puts Roadmaster 300 15W40 in the road going trucks.

Chris Mifsud has worked on the engine for many years and also gets behind the wheel on race weekends. Chris used to work at Cummins and is now Workshop Manager for a Victorian based road freight company which also relies on Anglomoil.

“I could tell that even under the tough conditions of circuit racing the Anglomoil products performed better than other brands. The others just weren’t cutting it. Anglomoil Roadmaster is an oil which is recommended for high speed four stroke diesel engines and it is suited to long distance trucking operations. Other products from Anglomoil that I also use are Anglomoil SAE 80W90 which is an extreme pressure gear oil for Roadranger gearboxes and offers high thermal stability and meets the highest API performance standard…Anglomoil Transmission EP 80W140 which is a mineral based formulation in our diff’s …and Anglomoil ATF for the power steering units.”

Frank said he showed Cummins the results he was getting with the Anglomoil products and they approved the use of them in his fleet.

Chris has been involved in extensive oil sampling of the Anglomoil lubricants to confirm the benefits for road going trucks and says “We noticed the engines ran a lot cleaner, there was less sludging and we were able to extend our drain intervals. By using the Anglomoil oils the valve train and overhead gears are living a lot longer than before.”

Frank has announced he will be defending his title at the four rounds of the 2015 Australian Super Truck Nationals held at the Winton and Wakefield Park circuits. The season commences on July 4-5. He says Anglomoil will continue to be an important part of his team,

“My mother told me don’t touch your chooks if they are laying eggs.”


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