2,000,000 kilometres and still going strong!

The old adage that if you take good care of something it will take care of you is alive and well at Eagle Transportation and the Max Lynch Group, two combined third-generation companies operating out of Hexham north of Newcastle.

They operate a fleet of 18 American rigids and a tipper which are looked after in their own workshop, whilst a second workshop maintains and repairs customers’ trucks.

“Our trucks have Detroit and Cat’ engines and do both the Sydney to Newcastle run as well as Newcastle to Melbourne”, said Glenn Lynch whose father started the business back in the Fifties, “We mainly carry steel, concrete and cement.”

“About 30 years ago the oil company we bought from changed their formulation but denied they had done anything and our trucks started drinking oil. So we decided to test every oil on the market. The only one which worked equally as well in all of our trucks, the older ones and the new ones, was Anglomoil so we made the change.”

“Since that time we haven’t had a single fault in any of our trucks, they just keep on running. Several of them have been around the clock at least twice…over two million kilometres… and they still do everything we need them to without a fuss. There’s no overheating, engine wear or sludging, and they are very clean inside.”

“We put Anglomoil in our customers’ trucks and they say the same thing. They are amazed by the changes in their performance.”

Glenn said on one occasion the company had a job to carry a total of 900 loads from the Hunter to Melbourne for the desalination plant. With the constant highway driving they were able to extend their oil drain interval due to the performance of the Anglomoil lubricants out to 40,000 kilometres. At the halfway mark they replaced the filter but the oil stayed in grade and kept performing faultlessly through for the whole distance.

“This was a clear example of just how good the Anglomoil products are.”

Eagle Transportation and the Max Lynch Group rely on Anglomoil Roadmaster 300 15W40 diesel engine oil, the RoadRanger-approved Gear 50-S 75W90 gear oil, Transmission EP SAE 85W140 driveline lubricant and RadGuard anti-corrosion cooling additive.

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