Long haul trucks exert a lot of pressure on working components and in the world of truck racing those extremes are increased even more. So, when a driver wins the Australian Super Truck championship it is worth taking note of his opinions on lubricants. Chris Mifsud is co-driver and engine builder to Frank Amoroso of Fate Racing (a role he has held for 15 seasons) – Frank has just become the 2014 title holder in his 1600 BHP Kenworth. “We do all of our own engine work in-house and work closely with Les from R&G Truck repairs who develops and prepares all of our fuel system components for the engine. Even though we push the engine very hard our current combination seems to achieve good mix of horsepower and reliability”, says Chris, “Although the engine receives regular inspections mid-season this year we decided to strip the engine and ensure it would finish the season strongly. Knowing full well we would need the best out of it as the points standings were looking very tight. The camshaft had been in since 2005 and the main bearings a little longer. Upon disassembly we were very surprised that all of the major components were still able to be reused with no attention required. We treated the old girl to some bearings, pistons and rings as part of our maintenance program as well as a freshen up of other major components such as heads and turbo’s. The heat and RPM place unique demands on these engines and it was encouraging to see that clearly our oil is well up to the task.”
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