A Complete Difference Since Changing To Anglomoil

Quantum Air Compressors is a Sydney/Wollongong-based business which entered the market in 2004. They sell, hire out and service a large fleet of piston and screw-type air compressors for industrial sites ranging from food manufacturing and mining to construction, and they are also a distributor of ELGI Air Compressors & Chicago Pneumatic Air Compressors.

Founder and Director Chris McQuade made the change to Anglomoil compressor oils after experiencing a lot of costly and unwanted mechanical issues caused by his previous supplier,

“With the other lubricants the compressors kept running hotter than normal. This created carbon build-up on the internals which in turn caused the operating temperatures to increase even higher and led to a number of break downs. We had to bring the compressors back to our workshop to have them stripped down and hydrostatically cleaned to remove all of the carbon deposits before rebuilding them.”

Chris says obviously the break downs were costly to his business because the compressors spent less time on-site than they should have, the shorter service cycles led to a greater consumption of oil, and he had to organise replacement compressors for customers while the damaged ones were being repaired.

Fast forward to 2014 and the situation is completely different.

“To put it quite simply since we changed to Anglomoil’s food grade, synthetic and mineral grade compressor oils we don’t have any more dramas. Our compressors operate at the right temperature, they don’t coke up and they are serviced at the right intervals.”

“I like the fact that even though we look after a range of compressors which operate every day in a wide variety of environments – from the highly sensitive and sterile world of food manufacturing through to rugged outdoor work sites – I can rely on one supplier to provide high performance products which work well in all of them.”



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