A Day In The Life Of Anglomoil

Anglomoil has built up a worldwide reputation as a premium lubricant manufacturer. Our products are renowned across many industries for their performance excellence and affordability.

Which is why we received a call recently from a major global corporation involved in engineering, manufacturing and robotics.

One of their robots had a leaking seal and they wanted our advice on what to do. The robot used a water based oil and if it required a new seal it was going to cost at least $30,000 to change it over.

Sometimes the answer is straightforward even though the technology you are dealing with is so sophisticated. Anglomoil proposed that, because the lubricant was water based, they should inject food dye into it and that would show where the leak was occurring and allow them to work out the severity of it.

They loved our advice and not long after we received a call to say everything had been sorted out.

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