Anglomoil Adding Extra Life To Truck Engines-Transmission

Road transport is an industry in which profitability is eked from the smallest efficiencies of running your fleet and when your trucks are covering more than 8,000,000 kilometres each year it is vital that they operate at the best-possible level. Founded in 1985, Palm Trans is a typical example of this and one of the ways it has developed a competitive advantage is by using Anglomoil products.

Palm Trans has 40 prime movers plus rigid Tautliners delivering “anything from chocolates to lettuces” up and down the Eastern Seaboard and across to South Australia. Their relationship with Anglomoil began in a unique place – on the race track – as Workshop Manager Chris Mifsud explains,

“For ten years I used to build race engines for a truck that competed in the national series and it was sponsored by Anglomoil. This was how I got to meet the founder of Anglomoil, Bill Croasdale. I could tell that even under the tough conditions of circuit racing the Anglomoil products performed better than other brands. The others just weren’t cutting it. The owner of Palm Trans saw how good the products were and agreed to introduce Anglomoil to the fleet.”

Chris, who worked for Cummins before moving to Palm Trans, says “We use Anglomoil RM300 Roadmaster 15W40 for our Cummins engines. This is an oil which is recommended for high speed four stroke diesel engines, especially American made ones, and it is suited to long distance trucking operations. For our Roadranger gearboxes we use Anglomoil SAE 80W90 which is an extreme pressure gear oil which offers high thermal stability and meets the highest API performance standard. We put Anglomoil Transmission EP 80W140, which is a mineral based formulation, in our diff’s and use Anglomoil ATF for the power steering units.”

“When we changed over to Anglomoil we ran many, many tests on our fleet. We conducted extensive oil sampling to confirm the benefits we were getting from the Anglomoil products. We noticed the engines ran a lot cleaner, there was less sludging, we were able to extend our drain intervals which also meant the trucks spent less time in our workshop being serviced. The best way to make money in this industry is to keep your trucks on the road.”

Chris says at Palm Trans they have a clear understanding of the many costs which go into running a large fleet and maintaining the trucks is a big part of it – and they know that the Anglomoil products are delivering a good return on investment.

“I’ll give you an example”, he adds, “I’ve got an engine in the workshop right now which has done nearly one million kilometres and the bearings are still in great condition. I’ve noticed across our whole fleet that by using the Anglomoil oils the valve train and overhead gears are living a lot longer than before.”

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