Anglomoil Formula One Team

Anglomoil has been very active in the Australian Powerboat Formula Grand Prix for many years.

We are a series sponsor (you see our name on the inflatable buoys, signage and official website) and we also support the Formula One entry of Craig Truslove.

Formula Powerboat began in 1988 and the F1 Superboat Series was formed in 1997 with boats in various classes. Boats in our class – F1 – reach speeds of more than 240 km/h. They can accelerate from 0-160 km/h in less than 4 seconds and on the corners the drivers hit 5 G’s.

The Anglomoil team will next be seen in action at Wagga Wagga on February 22-23 then Lake Mulwara, Penrith Lakes in Sydney and Port Macquarie.

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Craig Truslove in action - speeds of up to 240 km/h

The Anglomoil Formula One Powerboat

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