Anglomoil Pro 901 EP Polymer Paste


Anglomoil Pro 901 EP Polymer Paste is a Full Synthetic Calcium Sulphonate based assembly/lubricating paste & anti seize blended with P.T.F.E (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

Product Features and Benefits

Anglomoil Pro 901 EP Polymer Paste contains the very latest Enhanced Polymer Technology (E.P.T) providing very high performance characteristics such as:

  • Exceptional Extreme Pressure (E.P) properties
  • High salt water resistance
  • High operating temperatures with high residual lubrication and will not dry out
  • Exceptional Film strength and superior adhesion
  • Almost permanent high load type film of lubricant able to tolerate high and low temperatures and moisture contamination


Tool and Die assembly, Injection mould tool lubricant, Engine and Head Assembly, Marine/fishing assembly and lubrication, small gear assemblies, linear rails as well as any application where moving parts require extreme protection and lubrication.


500g Tubs & 250g Tubes


Pro 901EP Polymer Paste

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