Bentonite Grease


Anglomoil Bentonite Grease is a non-soap lubricating grease formulated with quality base oils. It provides satisfactory lubrication beyond the temperature range that ordinary soap thickener or complex soap thickener cannot stand. It was developed for industrial machinery operating at very high temperatures.

Product Features and Benefits

Non-melting thickener keeps consistency at high temperature

  • It minimizes equipment failure. The special non-melting organoclay thickener prevents grease loss from bearings.
  • Operates over a wide temperature range and may be used in applications up to 260°C with frequent re-lubrication.
  • Good protection against rust and corrosion
  • Excellent water wash-out protection and storage stability


• Industrial ball and roller bearings in high temperature applications.

• Exhaust fan bearings.

• Furnace door bearings

• Kiln car wheel bearings

• Roll neck bearings

• High temperature conveyor bearings

• Rotary Kiln bearings.




Bentonite Grease

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