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Unique Rapidly Biodegradable Long Life Lubricant For Rotary Screw Air Compressors.

Anglomoil has announced the launch of an environmentally friendly rapidly biodegradable lubricant specifically developed for Rotary Screw Air Compressors: Anglomoil BIOPAG CL 46. 

The name (BIO) comes from the fact that it has one of the highest levels of biodegradability of any product on the market (96%) and within 28 days there are almost no traces at all of it  in disposed condensate.

(PAG) refers to the unique 10W20 polyalkylene glycol and polyol ester based formulation fully synthetic blend which enables compressors to maintain peak performance across the full range of operating temperatures for much longer periods. It allows the service interval to be extended to as much as 8000 hours which is an immediate cost saving for operators.

(CL) refers to compressor lubricant and 46 is its ISO viscosity rating.

Worldwide tests have shown that, unlike petroleum based fluids, traces of Anglomoil BIOPAG CL 46 which end up in compressor condensate in waste water sewage systems are broken down and transformed into carbon dioxide, nitrogen, mineral salts and water which are not harmful to nature. This “green” feature introduces a whole new dynamic to the compressor industry because now it is no longer necessary to have oil/water separators on equipment. The lubricating fluid can be removed along with the water.

Apart from the environmental advantages this unique “PAG” blend delivers a host of other benefits to operators of rotary screw air compressors including improved reliability, performance, equipment life span and safety plus reduced servicing costs:

  • non varnishing (whereas conventional hydrocarbon oils oxidate and form varnish the fully synthetic Anglomoil BIOPAG CL 46 doesn’t and what’s more it dissolves any varnish left behind by other lubricants);
  • resistant to sludging (unlike petroleum based products);
  • high viscosity index of 173;
  • excellent seal compatibility (outperforms other synthetic fluids with its excellent compatibility with natural rubber and synthetic seals);
  • non foaming (much less carryover or contamination);
  • corrosion protection;
  • extremely high flash point of 271 degrees Celsius & ignition point of 388 degrees Celsius (higher than hydrocarbon fluids, enhancing operating safety);
  • provides peak lubricating performance at operating temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius;
  • thermal conductivity (keeps compressors running cooler);
  • high oxidative stability;
  • reduced operating costs (recommended service interval of 8000 hours means less time being unavailable for use);
  • extended engine life (from the combination of a formulation which protects parts across the whole operating temperature range, corrosion protection, no varnishing, sludging or foaming)

Anglomoil BIOPAG CL 46 is available from Anglomoil the 100% Australian owned and operated company which has been recognised throughout the lubricant industry since 1975 as a manufacturer of exceptionally high quality, high performance and no-compromise products.

Anglomoil is a respected name in the Australasian compressor industry –

“Anglomoil make great products. In the time we’ve used them we have not had one problem with any of our compressors. The formulations are well suited to the different types of compressors which all run properly and are serviced at the right intervals. Again, I can’t fault them.” Advanced Air Compressors

“Since we began using Anglomoil not one service manager has rung through with a problem. In my role no news is good news and to not hear a single comment in all this time is outstanding. The added bonus is that the Anglomoil products are competitive on price and when it comes to after sales service the team from Anglomoil are always keen to provide advice.” Premiair Hire

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