Boating Grease G 2163


Calcium sulphonates have long been used effectively in automotive and marine engine oils to neutralise strong acids, disperse harmful deposits and to provide detergency and rust protection. Its use in greases is a comparatively recent and rapidly expanding development. Calcium sulphonate greases behave differently to other greases. Calcium sulphonate is broken down and provides an increase in the lubricating film thickness, greater than that of the oil base alone. Calcium sulphonate platelets can bond horizontally to metal surfaces, forming a fish scale like coating. This provides ample shear planes which provide load carrying protection.

Boating Grease is industrial-strength marine/boating grease built upon a calcium sulphonate soap and a high viscosity base oil. It provides excellent stability and load carrying properties, resistance to water and corrosion and has a working temperature up to 200°C.



Boating Grease is ideal for use with anchor winches, outboard assembly, trailers and bearings subject to immersion in seawater.





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