Cameron Tilley gets second place in the Touring Car Maters Trophy race.

Another solid performance from  Cameron Tilley and his legendary Valliant Pacer last weekend at Queensland Raceway. “The V8 is coming into its own now. After months of setting the car up with this new power I am now achieving lap times that are now clearly quicker than the old straight 6” said Cameron after this week’s race meet. The car is far more balanced and powerful. The field is becoming a lot more competitive so continuing to develop the Valiant will be important to achieve good results.  Its amazing that I can get this 50 year old car to now sit comfortably at the front of the pack.   Cameron proved this point as his second place in the Trophy Event, he fended off stiff competition from the majority of the filed. The well-known top performers struggled to keep pace, or struggled to pass Cameron.   The Anglomoil product used has performed above and beyond my expectations. I dropped a far more powerful engine in the car and the oil has performed brilliantly. I have also noticed that with this extra power that the transmission and gear box has not shown any negative signs of performance, in fact I have had not had to change any fluids in the car, as the Anglomoil product yet again has proved its  bullet proof capacity and reliability. We cant wait until the next round in Sydney.

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