OATCOOL 50 Red Coolant

OATCOOL 50 RED COOLANT is a Long Life Premixed Engine Coolant.
Anglomoil OATCOOL 50 Red coolant is an Ethylene glycol based long life engine coolant containing organic additive technology. (OAT)OATCOOL 50 Red coolant is prediluted to 50% v/v with demineralised water. It does not contain amines, nitrates, phosphates or silicates.

Engine Coolant – Concentrate

Ethylene Glycol based Anti-freeze, anti-boil, anti-corrosion coolant for use in engine cooling systems.

Engine Coolant – HDD

HDD Coolant 50 has been specifically designed as a general purpose heavy duty cycle engine coolant suitable for diesel trucks, buses, marine, locomotive and static engines as well as mining equipment with both ferrous and aluminium construction.

Engine Coolant – Red

Anglomoil Red Engine Coolant is a Long Life Concentrated Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil Corrosion Inhibitor.


An anti-corrosion additive for engine cooling systems.