Diesel Oils Specification Chart  

Roadmaster Signature C4

Anglomoil Roadmaster Signature C4 5W30, is a Ultra High performance synthetic engine oil blended to today’s most advanced light diesel and petrol engine lubricant specifications.

Roadmaster 100 API CI-4

Anglomoil Roadmaster 100 15W/40 meets the API CI-4 / SL specification and has been registered with Mack Trucks for EO-M Plus approval and with Cummins for compliance with the CES 20076 and 20077 specifications.

Roadmaster 300 API CF-2 Monogrades

Roadmaster 300 monogrades are a range of monograde diesel engine oils which provide
good wear resistance, engine cleanliness and high temperature oxidation stability.
They are suitable for earthmoving equipment, turbo charged and naturally aspirated engines,
as well as some petrol engines.

Roadmaster 300 – Becoming Obsolete – Refer to Roadmaster 600

Combines the requirements of the current American low emission diesel engines with the Euro/Japanese preference for higher detergency and valve train protection. Meets American API “CI-4 Plus” & CI-4 specifications as well as the more general CH-4 specification for 4 stroke turbo-charged engines manufactured by Caterpillar, Cummins, Mack and Detroit Diesel.

Roadmaster 400 CF/CI-4

A high performance SAE 20W/40, high detergent oil for turbo-charged diesel engines. Designed specifically to meet the requirements of modern European and Japanese engines. Roadmaster 400 is an oil of high alkalinity, with a TBN exceeding 13. This oil maximises engine cleanliness and minimises bore polishing and engine wear.

Roadmaster 600 CK-4

A superior performance 15W/40 diesel engine oil meeting the highest international standards. Provides improved bearing protection, better soot control and reduced piston deposits.

Roadmaster 600 EURO

Anglomoil Roadmaster 600 EURO is available in a SAE 10W/40 viscosity grade and utilizes advanced technology and synthetic base stock for diesel engines meeting Euro I, II, III, IV & V emission requirements and running under severe operating conditions.