Boom Grease

Anglomoil Boom Grease is an aluminium complex based grease with synthetic base oil andenhanced with PTFE and specially selected additives for use in applications requiring extreme water resistance, high temperatures, presence of dust and other contaminants. Used extensively for sliding surfaces and other high load applications throughout crane and marine industries.

Copper Grease

Copper Grease is a lead free anti seize compound, made from high quality mineral oils, non-soap thickener incorporating copper powder and graphite. Anti-seize properties enable this grease to work even if the joints become so compressed that most of the compound is squeezed out, or excessive temperature flashes off the oily part of the compound. A fine film of copper particles always remains in joints or threads to prevent seizure.

Bentonite Grease

Anglomoil Bentonite Grease is a non-soap lubricating grease formulated with quality base oils. It provides satisfactory lubrication beyond the temperature range that ordinary soap thickener or complex soap thickener cannot stand. It was developed for industrial machinery operating at very high temperatures.

Anglomoil Pro 901 EP Polymer Paste

Anglomoil Pro 901 EP Polymer Paste is a Full Synthetic Calcium Sulphonate based assembly/lubricating paste & anti seize blended with P.T.F.E (Polytetrafluoroethylene).

Inplex 2163-460

Inplex 460 is a super High Performance Calcium Sulfonate Grease with exceptional load carrying capacity.


Anglomoil EP Grease is a lithium 12 hydroxy lubricating grease formulated with the highest quality base oils available, and is fortified with rust and oxidation inhibitors as well as extreme pressure additives.

Inplex 2163-220

A marine service and industrial grease built upon calcium sulphonate complex base and high viscosity base oil.

Impactor Grease

A No.1 NLGI grease with calcium sulphonate base and part synthetic base oils.

Molytak Grease

Anglomoil Molytak grease is a lubricating grease formulated to meet the extreme conditions encountered on off-highway construction equipment as well as heavy duty applications.


Calcium sulphonate semi-fluid grease with semi synthetic base oil.


A No.2 NLGI grease with calcium sulphonate complex soap base. High load carrying capacity, excellent resistance to water and corrosion. Drop point of 300°C and a maximum working temperature of 150°C.

Angloplex Grease

Anglomoil Angloplex Grease is a premium, lithium complex lubricating grease.

Wire Rope Lubricant

WRL is a high viscosity, high temperature, wire rope-cable lubricant which provides excellent protection against corrosion and wear.