Indsyn HDW 1000

Anglomoil Indsyn HDW 1000, is a high performance, fully synthetic gear oil manufactured using the most technology advanced
synthesised raw materials available to the lubricants industry. The product is designed to withstand applications that place extreme
demand on the lubricant operating in the most sever operating conditions.


Anglomoil BIOPAG GO is a fully formulated polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based synthetic high performance gear lubricant. BIOPAG GO is formulated with an advanced additive system to prevent oxidation, corrosion, foam and provide excellent wear protection.
For use in Helical, Spiral, Worm and Bevel Gears.

Gear M

A range of mineral gear oils formulated for use in extreme applications. Gear M gear oils provide excellent protection to gear sets working under very high loads.

Indsyn EP Gear Oil

High performance synthetic gear oils for use in gear reduction units using hardened gears and prone to micro pitting failure.

Indsyn Gear Oil

Anglomoil Indsyn Gear Oils are made from synthetic hydrocarbon PAO and special additive packages which make them ideal for use in gear sets, bearings, circulating oil systems and chain applications.

Machine Oil

A range of industrial gear oils containing sulphur-phosphorus extreme pressure agents. Excellent lubricity and high load carrying capacity ensure long gear life.

Machine Oil WT

Anglomoil Machine Oil WT is a water tolerant industrial gear oil that has been formulated from the best available mineral base oils and additives to mix with water when a gearbox is contaminated.