System Cleaner

Anglomoil System Cleaner is a formulated synthetic system cleaner. Its primary use is to quickly clean systems where sludge and varnish is present. It is designed to remove and suspend varnish and carbon build up found in rotating air compressors and circulating such as turbine, hydraulic and industrial gear.

Slideway Oil

Anglomoil Slideway Oil series are high performance slideway lubricants based on solvent refined mineral oils.

Air Line Lubricant

Anglomoil Air Line Lubricant is designed to lubricate and cool tools.

Chain Oil

Premium mineral oil for all chains including chains and bars of power chain saws.


Circoil is a premium circulating bearing oil developed to the Morgoil and SMS Demag specifications.

Circoil NTRM

Circoil is a premium quality heavy duty circulating oil designed to meet the critical lubrication requirements of Morgan Construction Company’s No-Twist Rod Mills as well as Danieli Rod Mills.

DW Fluid

DW Fluid is a solvent based corrosion preventative with excellent moisture displacement properties.

Heatrans Oil

Anglomoil Heatrans Oil is blended from high quality mineral base oils fortified with an advanced additive system.

Mould Release Oil

Low viscosity release agent for extruded clay bricks and general purpose application for wood and steel concrete forms.

Rock Drill Oil

Anglomoil Rock Drill Oils are blended from selected mineral oils specially compounded to provide good lubricity, inhibit corrosion as well as emulsifiers and tack additives.

VAC 10

Vac 10 is a Semi-Synthetic Hydraulic and Vacuum oil with boosted corrosion inhibition and moisture repellent properties for application in a range of forklift trucks.