MultiTrac LV PLUS

Multitrac LV PLUS is a high performance synthetic wet brake transaxle fluid. Primarily designed to meet the Volvo WB 102 specification but also meets the requirements of a host of other manufacturers


Hydraulic/transmission/gear oil for Caterpillar machines. It is formulated in three viscosity grades (10W, SAE 30 & 50 & 60) to meet the demanding requirements of Caterpillar TO-4, Allison C4 and Komatsu Micro Clutch and ZF.


CAT FD-1 meets the performance requirements of the FD-1 specification for FinalDrive and Axle Oils. It provides increased protection for bearings and gears against macro-pitting and metal fatigue.


Anglomoil Multitrac provides (UTTO): high lubrication capacity for gears; anti-wear properties for hydraulics; good PTO clutch performance; wet brake chatter suppression; excellent wet brake stopping power; power shift transmission performance.

MultiTrac Super

Anglomoil MultiTrac Super is a multi-functional lubricant suitable for a wide range of agricultural machines from compressors to combine harvesters. MultiTrac Super is specially formulated for use in 4 stroke diesel engines (naturally aspirated and turbo-charged), Gearboxes, Transmissions, Hydraulic Systems, Final Drives, Wet Brakes and Independent Power Take-offs.