OATCOOL 50 Red Coolant

OATCOOL 50 RED COOLANT is a Long Life Premixed Engine Coolant.
Anglomoil OATCOOL 50 Red coolant is an Ethylene glycol based long life engine coolant containing organic additive technology. (OAT)OATCOOL 50 Red coolant is prediluted to 50% v/v with demineralised water. It does not contain amines, nitrates, phosphates or silicates.

PRO EPT Spray Lubricant

Anglomoil PRO EPT spray lubricant has been formulated with the latest PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and polymer technology. Blended with premium anti-wear, anti-corrosion and moisture displacing additives means PRO EPT spray lubricant is able to outperform rival products with ease, making this all new spray lubricant a product with unlimited uses.

Aqua Clean

Anglomoil Aqua Clean is a concentrated bio-degradable, water based, alkaline detergent.

Auto Power

Auto Power is a premium power steering fluid is a mineral oil based fluid suitable for most power steering systems.

Brake Fluid DOT 4

A high boiling point brake fluid meeting the American Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard DOT 4 with a boiling point of 260°C. Use in braking systems of cars and trucks.


A degreasing agent based on aromatic petroleum solvents coupled with a vegetable based emulsifying agent. Excellent penetration and solubility of oil and grease deposits.

Diesel Fuel Performance Additive

Multi-functional diesel fuel additive. Improves fuel system cleanliness and fuel lubricity, provides corrosion protection for fuel system components.

Engine Coolant – Concentrate

Ethylene Glycol based Anti-freeze, anti-boil, anti-corrosion coolant for use in engine cooling systems.

Engine Coolant – HDD

HDD Coolant 50 has been specifically designed as a general purpose heavy duty cycle engine coolant suitable for diesel trucks, buses, marine, locomotive and static engines as well as mining equipment with both ferrous and aluminium construction.

Engine Coolant – Red

Anglomoil Red Engine Coolant is a Long Life Concentrated Anti-Freeze/Anti-Boil Corrosion Inhibitor.

Engine Flush

Anglomoil Engine Flush is an advanced chemical formulation suitable for use in all internal combustion engines. It is a top treat to be poured into the engine prior to an oil change.

Hand Cleaner

An effective and pleasant cleaning cream containing citrus oils and lanolin derivative.


An anti-corrosion additive for engine cooling systems.


Adblue is a not-toxic aqueous urea solution used to chemically reduce NOX-emission from heavy-duty diesel powered vehicles.

Screen Clean

A very effective glass cleaner, containing grease cutting agents, ammonia and alcohol.

Anglomoil Brake Cleaner

Anglomoil Brake Cleaner is a dynamic non chlorinated, non toxic cleaner designed to rapidly remove brake fluids, oils, dust, dirt , grease and other contaminants from brake linings, disc pads, drums, clutch plates, rotors, cylinders and springs.

Anglomoil Carby & Throttle Body Cleaner

Anglomoil Carby & Throttle Body Cleaner is a powerful cleaner designed to rapidly remove carbon deposits, oil, sludge, gum and varnish from interior of carburetor and throttle body, throttle shaft and plate and restores carburetor efficiency, rough idling and stalling.

Anglomoil Heavy Duty Degreaser

Anglomoil Heavy Duty Degreaser is a powerful multipurpose degreaser designed to remove grease and grime from numerous surfaces including engines, lawn mowers, outboard motors, concrete floors, driveways and general workshop surfaces.

Anglomoil Chain Lube

Anglomoil Chain Lube is an all purpose lubricant designed to lubricate and protect chains and moving surfaces from wear and abrasion .

Anglomoil Water Dispersant

Anglomoil Water Dispersant is a heavy duty water dispersant to replace moisture and assist lubrication.

Super Injector Cleaner

Multi-functional petrol additive which reduces and cleans up injector deposits, intake valve and port deposits, carburettor deposits.

Truck Wash

Heavy duty detergent cleanser specially formulated for cleaning trucks, buses, earthmoving and off-road equipment. Contains a corrosion inhibitor. Leaves no streaks or residue.