From Racing Minis To Prestige European Cars

The owners of prestige European cars are usually very selective about who services their vehicles and a very popular place on Sydney’s North Shore over the past 25 years has been Karl Knudsen Automotive.

Owner Karl Knudsen only uses Anglomoil products,

“My brother started using Anglomoil about 30 years ago when he worked at a service centre in Hornsby. That business raced Minis and they found that Anglomoil was the best lubricant for high revving, finely tuned race engines. He introduced Anglomoil to this business and we haven’t looked back, in fact, we use about 10 of their products for both petrol and diesel powered engines. We have 100 or so vehicles go through our workshop every week and we believe that we are providing our customers the best in mechanical care and helping to maximise the life expectancy of various parts such as the engine and drive train.”

Adds Karl, “I do find I have to explain to my customers what Anglomoil is because you can’t buy it at retail outlets. They are not as well known as the major brands but I tell them that we are using what we regard as the highest quality specialty workshop lubricants on the market.”

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