Green Goanna Turns 20

Anglomoil has announced that its Granville based (Sydney) distributor has reached the milestone of 20 years in business.

Green Goanna was founded by Angelo Dellis in 1993 and it has grown to become a landmark to customers of engine, hydraulic and industrial oils in the Greater West of Sydney.

Angelo made the change to the lubricant industry following work of a very different nature – accounting and marketing roles for the likes of George Weston Foods, Unilever and Nestle.

“The seed money was $800, a Peugeot 504 with no reverse gear and a neighbour’s box trailer. I established the Green Goanna in front of the Shell refinery then three years later moved to the current site at Granville.”

Angelo shared his secret of success which includes having a business that is flexible enough to move with the times, “There have been many changes in the lubricants industry over the past 20 years, slowly at first and in recent times a lot faster, such as companies moving offshore due to the high Australia currency and other factors effecting our nation’s competitiveness. This has seen the Green Goanna move into other segments of the market.”

He says there most fulfilling part about owning Green Goanna has been the privilege of being a part of peoples’ lives whether they are customers or employees,

“I have always tried to look out for young people wanting to have a go and employed them to get through university or college or just get to where there going in life. Over the years I have had police men, engineers, teachers and even scientists deliver oil on behalf of the Green Goanna.”

Looking ahead to the future, Angelo says his goal is to find new opportunities that have a synergy with what he offers.

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