Roadmaster Platinum PLUS – 5W/30


Roadmaster Platinum PLUS is a new generation in MID SAPS technology developed to
address the needs of the evolving Mid SAPS (Sulphated Ash, Phosphorus and Sulphur) market tier. Meeting the requirements of ACEA today and tomorrow, API SN PLUS and MB 229.31 and ACEA C3 2016.

Roadmaster Platinum PLUS ensures oil suppliers are able to efficiently target this evolving market tier with the most appropriate product performance and economics.

Product Features and Benefits

Over 10 years of DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) use in Europe has resulted in a growing out of warranty vehicle parc seeking alternatives to existing top tier OEM approved Mid SAPS
solutions. Additionally, global TGDI and GPF adoption is set to increase the demand for new Mid SAPS products. As a result a New Generation of Mid SAPS technology is needed, designed to deliver robust ACEA and API performance for this new, growing Mid SAPS market tier whilst delivering improved economics.

Designed with particulate filter compatibility and LSPI durability Roadmaster Platinum PLUS offers universal petrol and diesel coverage whilst providing the protection required for a variety of market channels. Enabling our customers to grow “their” Mid SAPS business in this evolving market tier whilst complimenting their top tier high value OEM approved product lines.


API SN Plus, SN, SL, ACEA C3-2016, MB 229.31


High Performance Petrol, Multi-valve, Turbo & Supercharged, Passenger Car Diesel & LPG. Light Commercial


200 litre


SAE 5W/30


RoadMaster Platinum Plus 5W/30

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