HVI Hydraulic Oil 15 & 32


Anglomoil HVI Hydraulic Oil is a supreme performance anti-wear hydraulic fluid for high and extremely low temperatures. HVI 15 hydraulic fluid was designed especially for use in equipment operating at sub zero temperatures and systems operating under severe conditions where high levels of antiwear and film strength protection are needed.


Parker Hannifin France HF-0, Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2, AFNOR NFE 48-690 (dry), AFNOR NFE 48-691 (wet), Cincinnati Machine P-68, P-69, P-70, JCMAS HK, General Motors LH-03-1, LH-04-1, LH-6-1, U.S. Steel 127 & 136, GM LS-2, DIN 51524 Part 2, Eaton Vickers M-2950-S & I-286-S, Bosch Rexroth.


Hydraulic oil is used in piston, vane and gear pumps to transmit pressure and control the flow, minimize wear, reduce friction, provide cooling, rust and corrosion prevention, minimize deposits and contamination.



ISO 15 & ISO 32



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