New & Old Trucks Relying On Anglomoil

Two generations of the Dickinson family have operated the Dickinson Haulage transport company and in that time they have run all of their trucks on Anglomoil Roadmaster lubricant. Their fleet has included V10 Mercedes, a Detroit powered Freightliner and Kenworth with a Cummins engine.

“Our trucks average 1,300,000 kilometres before we turned them over and there was one older truck we bought which clocked up nearly 2,000,000 kilometres. We have worked for the quarries and carried all kinds of freight over the years across New South Wales”, says Ben Dickinson,

“The Anglomoil oil suits all of our engines, the additives are just the right amount. We don’t use up oil and they have all run very efficiently.”

Today, while one brother operates the company from the Lower Blue Mountains, Ben looks after another fleet based out of Bathurst,

“I work at Kelso Truck Tyres which has its own truck fleet and we look after customers’ trucks as well. We only use Anglomoil. Roadmaster 600 for the modern engines and Roadmaster 300 for the older ones. More and more the truck industry is learning about how good Anglomoil is. A mate of mine was workshop manager for one of the major transport companies and even though they were using an expensive premium oil it was burning out at around 18,000 kilometres. I encouraged him to change to Anglomoil and the results were immediate. Service intervals went from 18 to 25,000 kilometres, they stopped using oil and when it was dropped there was still some life left in it.”

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