Coolants maintain optimal operating temperatures in automotive and machinery systems. They prevent overheating, so engines and machines function efficiently and in the way they’re engineered. As a leading Australian manufacturer, Anglomoil stands out as the premier supplier of coolants. Our local expertise and superior products underscore our position as the country’s most trusted coolant manufacturer and distributor — offering unparalleled technical support.

Anglomoil’s selection of coolants

Anglomoil presents a diverse range of coolants, each uniquely formulated to meet specific requirements.

  • Coolant Engine Concentrate – Green

    This ethylene glycol-based coolant offers a triple protection formula — anti-freeze, anti-boil and anti-corrosion. Ideal for automotive cooling systems, it achieves peak performance with a 50% coolant-to-water ratio — providing reliable protection in various engine types.

  • Coolant HDD 50% Mix

    Specially crafted for heavy-duty engines, this robust formula is ideal for diesel trucks, buses and marine and mining equipment. Its low silicate, amine-free formulation, pre-charged with supplemental additives, offers exceptional liner pitting protection. With a recommended service interval of 240,000 km or two years, it’s an optimal choice for demanding applications.

  • Coolant OATCOOL 50 Red

    Anglomoil’s OATCOOL 50 Red is a long-life ethylene glycol-based coolant utilising organic additive technology. Free from amines, nitrates, phosphates and silicates, it’s suitable for a wide range of engines, including passenger cars, heavy-duty engines and marine applications.

  • Coolant Red Engine Concentrate

    This long-life, concentrated coolant is designed for modern petrol and diesel engines, ensuring optimal performance in all conditions. It is compatible with OAT coolant requirements and meets various specifications, including AS/NZ 2108.1:1997 Type A, GM6277M and Toyota TSK2601G. It’s well-suited for late-model engines, offering superior anti-freeze, anti-boil and corrosion protection.

Diverse coolant applications

Coolants are indispensable in the automotive, industrial and manufacturing sectors. They regulate engine temperatures, thereby preventing overheating and protecting internal components from severe damage. With properties like thermal capacity, low viscosity, chemical inertness and anti-corrosion, high-quality coolants enhance the functionality and lifespan of vehicle engines. Moreover, the increasing complexity of engine designs further amplifies this sector’s demand for excellent coolants.

The unbeatable benefits of using high-quality coolants

Trusting only a reputable coolant distributor brings a host of benefits essential for the efficient operation of engines and machinery.

Enhanced cooling efficiency

Quality coolants significantly improve cooling efficiency in engines. They efficiently absorb and dissipate heat, maintaining optimal operating temperatures. This ensures machines run smoothly, even under high stress or extreme conditions.

Corrosion and rust prevention

High-grade coolants are formulated to prevent corrosion and rust in cooling systems. They contain additives that protect metal components from corrosive elements, extending the life of the cooling system. This protection is crucial for maintaining the integrity and functionality of the engine’s cooling components.

Extended machinery lifespan

Using superior coolants directly contributes to extending the lifespan of machinery. By maintaining stable temperatures and preventing corrosion, they reduce wear and tear on engine components — leading to longer service life and reduced maintenance costs.

Contact Anglomoil — Australia’s leading coolant supplier

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What is the purpose of coolant in an engine or machinery?

The primary purpose of coolant in engines and machinery is to transfer heat and prevent engine damage due to freezing or boiling. Coolants maintain engine temperature balance by removing excess heat, which is critical for the engine’s efficient operation.

How often should the coolant be replaced in a vehicle?

The replacement frequency of coolant in a vehicle can vary, but it is generally recommended to change conventional green coolants every two years. This interval may differ based on the type used and the vehicle’s operating conditions. Carboxylate-based extended-life coolants, for example, have demonstrated performance for over 32,000 hours in stationary engine applications without needing replacement. It’s essential to regularly check coolant levels and quality to ensure proper engine functioning​​.

What are the signs of coolant-related issues in an engine?

Signs of coolant-related issues in an engine include overheating, visible coolant leaks, steam from the radiator and a sweet smell (often ethylene glycol). If the coolant level is consistently low or the engine temperature gauge indicates overheating, these could also indicate problems in the cooling system. It’s essential to address these signs promptly to avoid further damage to the engine​​.

What makes Anglomoil a reliable coolant distributor and manufacturer?

Anglomoil is recognised as a trusted coolant supplier in the country for several reasons. Firstly, we’re an Australian-owned and operated business with over 45 years of experience in the industry. We produce over 400 premium lubricants and are renowned for ethical practices and stellar customer service. Anglomoil’s products meet OEM, API and ACEA international standards, securing compliance with industry norms.