Mower oils maintain the efficiency and longevity of lawn mower engines. Because they’re specially formulated to withstand the unique demands of mowing tasks, these oils protect against wear and excessive heat. As a premier mower oil manufacturer, Anglomoil stands out with its high-quality offerings in this line. Leveraging advanced technology and materials, we offer 2 and 4-stroke oils that demonstrate peak performance and reliability. Our tried-and-tested products, backed by Australian-based technical support, make us a preferred mower oil supplier nationwide.

Browse Anglomoil’s line of mower engine oils

Anglomoil’s range of mower engine oils offers unparalleled protection and performance for diverse gardening needs. Our selection includes:

  • GardenMaster 2-Stroke Oil

    Crafted for high performance, this low-ash, high-quality 2-stroke oil is perfect for motorcycles, chainsaws and lawnmowers. It’s compatible with both fuel/oil premix and oil injection systems and can meet the specific dilution recommendations of most engine manufacturers. This is one of the best 2-stroke oil products on the market today.

  • GardenMaster 4-Stroke Oil

    This premium motor oil is made for modern petrol engines, including high-performance, multi-valve, turbo and supercharged types. It boasts excellent high-temperature stability, significantly reducing camshaft wear. Its detergent dispersant qualities protect against sludge, rust and wear — guaranteeing efficient cold start fluidity.

  • GardenMaster Bar & Chain Oil

    This top-tier garden oil is ideal for chains and bars of power chain saws. Its unique additive system safeguards against wear, while its tacky nature minimises fling-off. And because it’s suited for high-performance chainsaws and conveyor systems, it also features rust inhibition properties.

2-stroke oil vs. 4-stroke oil — what’s the difference?

These two types of mower engine oils cater to different engine structures — each with its unique lubrication requirements and performance characteristics.

Two-stroke engines are simpler in design, combining fuel and oil in a single mixture. This blend fuels the engine while lubricating its moving parts. The oil in this mixture must be precise to ensure proper engine function and longevity. 2-stroke oils are formulated to mix evenly with fuel and burn cleanly, minimising deposits and ensuring smooth operation.

In contrast, four-stroke engines have a more complex design, with separate compartments for oil and fuel. This separation allows specialised motor oils to lubricate the engine continuously without burning alongside the fuel. The best 4-stroke oils provide sustained lubrication over time, helping to reduce wear and extend engine life.

The importance of using high-quality mower oils

High-quality mower oils are vital for optimal mower performance and environmental responsibility, impacting everything from engine longevity to emissions.

Enhanced engine performance

Using premium mower engine oils leads to smoother engine operation and elevated performance. Quality oils reduce friction and wear, ensuring mowers run more efficiently and with greater power output.

Extended engine life

Only purchasing from trusted 2 and 4-stroke oil manufacturers means prolonging the life of mower engines. They provide superior lubrication, which protects against premature wear and tear to maintain engine integrity over time.

Improved fuel efficiency

Superior mower oils can dramatically improve fuel efficiency. By reducing engine friction and enabling smoother operation, these oils facilitate more efficient combustion, leading to significant cost savings in the long haul.

Reduced emissions

Quality mower engine oils contribute to minimising harmful emissions. By burning cleaner and lowering oil burn-off, these lubricants can reduce environmental pollution, aligning with modern ecological standards.

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How does the choice of mower oil impact engine performance?

The choice of mower oil significantly affects engine performance. Proper lubrication from the right oil reduces friction, which is essential for smooth engine operation and longevity. The right lubricants help maintain engine efficiency, preventing wear and tear. Inferior oils can lead to degraded performance and increased fuel consumption​​​​.

Are there specific mower engines that require specialised lubrication?

Yes, different types of mower engines require specific lubrication. For example, 2-stroke engines need oil mixed with fuel, while 4-stroke engines require separate engine oil. Using the wrong type of oil can lead to poor performance and potential engine damage.

What factors should be considered when choosing mower engine oil?

When choosing mower engine oil, consider factors like oil viscosity, engine type, climate and manufacturer recommendations. The viscosity, indicated by values like 10W-30, should match the operating conditions. For instance, oil with a lower first number (e.g. 5W) is better for colder climates. Synthetic oils may offer better performance in extreme temperatures.​