Race-Bred Brake Fluid Now Available For Road Vehicles.

Anglomoil has announced the release of its motor sport-proven Anglomoil DOT 5 Brake Fluid for passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles and trucks.

The silicone based DOT 5 Brake Fluid is vastly superior to conventional DOT 4 products and provides motorists with an unrivalled level of performance and the potential for almost no deterioration of brake components in typical everyday driving conditions.

There are many reasons why Anglomoil DOT 5 Brake Fluid has worked so well in the harsh environment of motor racing in which cars slow several times each lap from speeds of 150 km/h or more.

The exclusive silicone formulation has a very high boiling point which eliminates brake fade even after repeated use of the brakes – be they disc or drum type. This means that in the slower and less demanding world of day to day driving the Anglomoil blend will ensure continuous optimum braking performance.

Unlike DOT 3 and DOT 4 products, Anglomoil DOT 5 Brake Fluid is not hygroscopic so that it doesn’t absorb moisture from the atmosphere or through the brake hoses.

Moisture is what breaks down fluid and lowers its boiling point, leading to compromised braking performance. The fact that it doesn’t attract water means that internal brake assembly components are not subjected to corrosion, as they are with hygroscopic blends, and they are able to form a tighter seal against outside elements. The result is less maintenance and longer life expectancy.

The silicone based formulation offers a second benefit to brake parts. In being engineered for the race track, Anglomoil DOT 5 Brake Fluid provides far greater levels of lubrication of the master cylinder and calliper pistons so that there is no abrasion between the pistons and the sealing cups. Now that the DOT 5 product is available for passenger and commercial vehicles it is possible that there will be almost zero brake component wear.

Another reason that Anglomoil DOT 5 Brake Fluid has proven itself to be a favourite amongst motor sport competitors and owners of classic cars and motor bikes is because of the fact that it is not corrosive. Glycol based DOT 3 and 4 products are corrosive and great care must be taken not to allow them to come into contact with painted or plastic surfaces of vehicles. If they do come into contact with skin they must be washed off thoroughly. In direct contrast, Anglomoil DOT 5 Brake Fluid is non-corrosive, non-toxic and non-irritating and it will not affect painted or plastic surfaces.

Anglomoil DOT 5 Brake Fluid is a unique formulation which cannot be mixed with other brake fluids (DOT 3, DOT 4) when topping up a reservoir and for that reason it has been given a specific purple colouring to make pit crews and mechanics aware of what they are using.

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