Roadmaster 300 API CF-2 Monogrades


Roadmaster 300 monogrades are a range of monograde diesel engine oils which provide
good wear resistance, engine cleanliness and high temperature oxidation stability.
They are suitable for earthmoving equipment, turbo charged and naturally aspirated engines,
as well as some petrol engines.


American CD CF CF-2 diesel, SF SG petrol : Europe ACEA E2-07 Mercedes Benz 227.0 & 228.0


Use in fleets of older vehicles and earthmoving equipment. For turbo charged and naturally aspirated diesel engines and also suitable for petrol engines.

  • SAE 10W is suitable for hydraulics
  • SAE 40 is suitable for Detroit Diesel Two stroke engines
  • SAE 50 is suitable for Fuller & Spicer Transmissions
  • SAE 30 is called for and is suitable in certain heavy duty diesel engines such as Nissan FE


20 litre and 200 litre


SAE 10W, 30, 40 & 50



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